Automated Market Maker: A feature of decentralized exchanges that use algorithms to automate trading prices between sellers and buyers.
Annual Percentage Rate: The returns (or costs) on an investment (or lending) for one year, including all provider/agent fees, expressed as a percentage.
Annual Percentage Yield: The total return or cost of an investment or lending over one year, including all fees charged by the provider or agent. APY takes into account the effect of compounding interest, which means the amount of capital lent or borrowed changes over time as interest is earned or paid back. APY is expressed as a percentage and helps investors and lenders compare different options to find the best returns.
Claim Refund
The two tranches of every product must have equal value to invest in the pool. The surplus of tokens in the larger tranche is an excess and should be claimed back by users, similar to a refund.
(Yield) Farming: The mechanism of staking or lending crypto assets to generate returns or rewards in the form of additional tokens. This typically comes with a locked term and generates additional rewards to incentivize liquidity providers to lock investments for a period of time.
Hurdle Rate
A minimum rate of return on a project or investment required by a manager or investor.
Liquidity Pool: A collection of digital assets accumulated to enable trading on a decentralized exchange.
Maturity Date
The date when the principal of a fixed-income instrument must be repaid to an investor.
Smart contract
A smart contract is a computer program or a transaction protocol that is intended to automatically execute, control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement.
Status: Invested
A status of our tranches. The time period when the tranches are invested in the pool. After the tranches are removed from the pool, users may withdraw.
Status: Open
A status of our tranches. The time period between when deposits open and deposits close. After deposits close, the tranches are invested into the pool.
Status: Withdrawn
A status of our tranches. The time period after the tranches have been removed from the pool, and users may withdraw their investment. This is the final and permanent state of the product.
Struct platforms use tranches to split the yield-bearing positions on fixed-yield tranche and variable-yield tranches.
Struct vaults are composed of two tranches (side). The fixed rate tranche and the variable rate tranche.
Yield-Bearing Position
Any position that generates a yield, such as a liquidity provider position that accrues fees from swaps or lending to borrowers.
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